Friday, March 1, 2013

I have an unhealthy obsession...

With Arrow. Uggggh!!! The show is just so good! The blonde chick, Felicity... LOVE HER! Just watched the newest episode, Tommy I now have a new respect for... And Oliver. :D hehe
But seriously if I could manage to get the kind of suspense from a show like that... And morph it somehow into my writing..? I'd be one happy girl.

My characters... They just don't have enough depth. Skandar, Exaivier and Dezra do, but Skyler and Chandler..? I don't even know about Skandar. He is... Such an airhead... Except... No.... Airhead wouldn't be the right word to describe Skandar. More like goofball. What I like about Skandar though is that he has a lot of mysterious background. Exaivier, well f course HE does too, but his is different... Exaivier was fulfilling a purpose. Skandar...? We have no idea what he went through growing up... Well I do, you no one else does. Mwahahahaha!!! Don't worry, book 3, will be full if flash backs concerning Skandar.

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