Monday, March 4, 2013

Names Matter...

Does the name of a character matter..? I think it should... I mean you wouldn't want a Jurrien and Bryan going on a journey together. But Jurrien and Thamar went on a journey together... It has a much better ring to it.
SO, even though it can be hard to come up with some cool names, do it!
The names don't effect the story, but they do make it a little more fun. That way when you hear the name Jurrien or Thamar, you think of that awesome story you're working on.... :D (SANDI...)
That's it, I must go write my book... and do school work. Perhaps in reverse order though.

ALSO, if can't even come up with a name for a minor character... go to some baby naming websites. Your web history might be funny to other people, but it will be very helpful. (trust me, I've done it myself.)

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