Writing Tips

Things That Help Me*

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS carry a notebook with you, you never know when inspiration will punch you in the face.

NEVER ever hesitate to take a risk in your writing. If you don't like it tomorrow, you can revise it. But don't not write it because you're afraid of it. Go ahead, kill your main character. (Brandon Sanderson does it, why can't you?) Torture them to no end, mentally and physically. Separate those lovers. Start a war. Storm that castle. Create that sibling rivalry that you've been craving in a story.
Things like this are okay to write in, as long as you love it. Don't settle for the things you think other people will like. You write what you like, not what other people like. If youre always trying to please people who you think will be reading your story, then it is very likely that no one will be happy with what you have written.

Perfect Writing Snacks?
  • Twix. (Who doesn't love a caramel and chocolate covered cookie?)
  • Cereal. (Don't forget milk)
  • Yogurt. (Oh yes.)
  • Gum. (That way you can keep your hands away from the food and fingers on the keyboard)

Perfect Writing Music? (For Me.)
  • Something Instrumental (ie. Prince Caspian Soundtrack, Lord of the Rings Soundtrack, William Joseph, Forbidden Friendship by John Powell, Merry-Go-Round-Of-Life by Joe Hisaishi, and even Lindsey Sterling she is just so fun to jam out to!)
  • Imagine Dragons. Such an amazing band, all of their songs are just so epic, how can I not be inspired to write while listening to their music?
  • Something Mellow... like Mat Kearney, Lenka, or Owl City.
  • Something EPIC... Muse, Florence + The Machine, Linkin Park, Awolnation.

Preferred Writing Position?
On a couch, with a laptop. The cushions keep my butt from getting sore, and I can prop my feet up on an ottoman. (Hint Hint... Mom.)

Writers Block?
HAVE NO FEAR! Pinterest is HERE! Also drink some herbal tea. And write your thoughts down in a notebook. Always helps me.

*This is subject to be updated and changed at any given moment.

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