Sunday, May 19, 2013

I think it's time...

Okay. So... I'm thinking that for this post I want to give you all a preview of what I'm writing. Give you a feel of how my characters are right now. But Not anything spoilerific. (You know, JUST in case my writing ever ends up in a bookstore.)
So. I'm thinking YOU should give me a prompt. You know... I know people come to read my blog. I don't know who is actually seeing it. But i know people come to my blog... so... whoever you are... you should leave a comment below and let me know what kind of writing prompt you want me to use. I'll chose one in a few days and write out a short story using the main characters from the Enchantress.

 (Just and FYI this prompt does not need to be something spectacular. It can be as simple as: The four main characters in your book went to Denny's and the order got mixed up with the table next to them.)

You also DO NOT have to feel inclined or obligated in any way to read the info on these characters... 

Okay... So for a little background info... to get your mind moving for a prompt...

The four main characters in my book. There is Skyler Latiana Tuesday...
Likes: fuzzy socks,  lemonade, the smell of cilantro, watching a movie with her mom, the color skyblue-pink.
She can sometimes be a bit temperamental... but is normally pretty fun. Brown hair... maybe down to her shoulder blades and she is fiercely loyal to friends. She tends to be somewhat skeptical sometimes, and can be very emotional... (darn you tears!) But also intense as the ending of Sherlock sometimes... heh.

When she is trying... she shows her determination.
She doesn't ever wear a dress, but is always in a cloak.
Chandler Derek West...
 Likes: wind, traveling, visiting his siblings, mangoes, green, jogging
He has a twin sister, and and an older brother. Doesn't particularly like cats but prefers dogs. He gives little kids candy when he can, and prefers a mint over a piece of gum. Just as loyal to Skyler, and angered even more so when someone hurts them. He always always always steps outside while it is raining... just to inhale, he thinks the sensation is intoxicating. (I happen to agree with him on that)
Mixed with tall dark and handsome... if that is even possible...
Kind of the boy next door look...

Exaivier Leon Young...
Likes: solitude, star gazing, foods with a lot of flavor, history(particularly Greek and Roman mythology... if only because the religions amuse him slightly.)
He can't stand liars or stray fur from animals. Exaivier has lived through so many things that he has hit the 'depths of despair' multiple times. He has a dry sense of humor(hence why Skandar likes to try making him laugh), but he does smile(don't worry he's not THAT intense). Exaivier has a deep appreciation for artifacts and artwork from before anyone alive now was born.
Exaivier in the prologue of my book... No. I'm not going to show you his face. (Probably because i don't have a full and exact picture of any of the characters in my book... I try though...)

Skandar Christian Tuesday...
Likes: Teasing his sister, blueberries(especially in pie), trying to get Exaivier to laugh, winning board games, waffles, being macho.
Skandar, in a nut shell, is very much like Kelsier from Mistborn. He isn't exactly like him... Kelsier smiled a LOT... and Skandar hasn't been through as much as Kelsier. But they have the same silly attitude, and implusive-ness... and dead serious when it comes to you know... serious stuff. He despises bell peppers with a passion, and can't understand why canberries try to get in every single ind of juice out there. He likes to try and make normal words like elbow and gullible sound strange by saying them slowly.

Almost Skandar... Almost...
He loves looking over the side of a waterfall he grew up close to.

So there you have it. Please don't forget to comment. I'll feel very unloved if you don't.
Just kidding. 
Just kidding about just kidding though.


  1. Can they go camping? Beautiful weather but someone forgot all their belongings and has nothing... and then a bear wanders into their campsite! haha Maybe...

  2. What if they're on their way to the campsite and they wander through a town (not on the map) that is TOTALLY empty. Basically, anything not connected to the ground is gone––food, vehicles, furniture, animals, PEOPLE. The next morning (after they've left the creepy village), they notice things missing, and this patter continues, so that each morning when they wake up, something is missing. Until, after x amount of days, they wake up and…a person is gone! So then they only have one day to stop whatever is happening because another person might disappear the next morning!!

    Okay, might have gotten a little carried away there… lol

    1. Did this idea come from one of your psycho nightmares?!

    2. No. Dude. Though I probably could've gotten something like it from one of your pinterest boards :P It was a miserable situation. I once heard that authors just LOVE miserable situations!!

      Psst! Check out

  3. Skandar and Exaivier book a flight to somewhere on earth and have to go through airport security >:)

    1. HAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh, I'm just imagining it now...