Friday, October 21, 2011

Belly Button =]

so, we are all aware (well most of us are anyways) of veggie-tales. the greatest animated bible videos in the world! Because today is Friday at seminary we watched The Ballad Of Little Joe. It is a western veggie-tales version of the bible Joseph and the coat of many colors. =]
A little background. Ali, Jenna and me. We are the only ones who watched Veggie-Tales as kids, so the rest of the seminary students (Lauren, Jessica and Alexis), all sat there with straight faces while Ali, Jenna and I laughed our heads off... =P  and then the silly song came on "Belly Button - Boyz In The Sink"

you cannot go through this video without doing one of two things 1: Laugh your head off, or 2: Stare at the screen and wonder why you wasted your time...
I don't doubt the creators of Veggie-Tales will be grateful for my promotions!
Thanks again for reading my blog =]

Thursday, October 13, 2011


So, last night i forgot to set my alarm. Seminary starts at 6:15 and i woke up at six o'clock. which would have been okay if i lived ten minutes away from the church building.... but i live 15 minutes away. So i woke up with Ali's phone ringing to the theme song of Darkwing Duck =P
yeah, Jenna was calling her, wanting to find out what in the world was taking us so long. because we normally pick her up at 6:50.
Seminary mornings are never boring. One time Jenna was super tired so she was WAYYYY out of it. so she was talking quickly and babbling on and on about something i don't really remember, but i remember her doing something weird with her hands.... and then Brother Berry (my seminary teacher) tried to do it too.... it was an interesting morning.
oh an then we were talking about the plan of salvation and Bro. Berry asked us why we couldn't remember the war in heaven. i was really tired so i said "Because of the Veil of Forgetness." ermmm.... Everyone in seminary is not letting me live that one down.... Brother Berry called me the 'star student' for the rest of class.... =/
I'm still waiting for a good moment to use against ali for blackmail at any time. =]

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 is awesome. when you have the time (what am i saying? you are wasting your time on my blog, of course you have the time.) go to this site. it is now one of my favorites. =]
My board is awesome. you should come look at it. =]
thanks for being cool.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

cloaks... =]

I've decided that cloaks should not be a thing of the past. they are so cool looking. if only there was some way to get the instant thought 'whoa if you wear a cloak out in public you are wierd.' out of everyone's head... that would be cool.

also, i think that this coat is so super cool. i want it. so much. i can't even control myself.... (yes i can i'm just being dramatic because i REALLY want it.) (i tried to post the pitcure, but it doen't work... =/ sorry.) (you just have to click on the link...)
it makes me thing of a cloak in a way... maybe that's why i like it.

but back to cloaks. i think they are so cool. like this one, is awesome. =]

haha sorry. couldn't help it.

my Halloween costume this year involves a cloak. i'll post pictures once i'm done making it. it is going to be EPIC!!! =] but for now, i am going to let you decide whether cloaks are lame, weird, okay, stupid, or awesome... haha comment and tell me what you think.