Tuesday, October 4, 2011

cloaks... =]

I've decided that cloaks should not be a thing of the past. they are so cool looking. if only there was some way to get the instant thought 'whoa if you wear a cloak out in public you are wierd.' out of everyone's head... that would be cool.

also, i think that this coat is so super cool. i want it. so much. i can't even control myself.... (yes i can i'm just being dramatic because i REALLY want it.) (i tried to post the pitcure, but it doen't work... =/ sorry.) (you just have to click on the link...)
it makes me thing of a cloak in a way... maybe that's why i like it.

but back to cloaks. i think they are so cool. like this one, is awesome. =]

haha sorry. couldn't help it.

my Halloween costume this year involves a cloak. i'll post pictures once i'm done making it. it is going to be EPIC!!! =] but for now, i am going to let you decide whether cloaks are lame, weird, okay, stupid, or awesome... haha comment and tell me what you think.

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