Wednesday, March 13, 2013

All Feelings Aside

There have always been a few things that give away right away that you have a broad imagination, or love to create a story. In my case, people know I'm a writer. Not just because I talk about my book nonstop and keep prodding people to read it because I want feedback... but because of some of the things I do.
I have compiled a small list of things that signify you as a writer (good or bad), and it is actually very very true... In my case at least.

  • You get excited about a small something someone said to you, because it suddenly sparks an entire and exciting new idea and you NEED to go write it down before you forget.
  • You get way too into the books you're reading, and start to compare your writing to famous authors. (Just face it, you will never be as good as Brandon Sanderson. But always strive to be as good as him.)
  • You're in tears while writing an emotional scene in your story, and everyone in your family starts to worry about your sanity.
  • You talk to yourself... About writing. (Okay, maybe my family should be worried...)
  • When you ask people for a name, any name. And then when they finally give you one, you only get frustrated because it is a name so horribly common you would never dream of using it for your book. (When I say, "Give me a name." I mean a name like, Thamar, Jurrien, or Latiana.)
  • You suffer severe mental stress when you go long periods of time without writing a word.
  • When you use Pinterest mainly for writing purposes.
  • When you feel the need to buy a new notebook and a whole array of pens every time you go to the store. Even if you already have more notebooks than everyone in your class combined.
Okay so there are many more things... but one more... ONE more that really does stamp me in the face as a writer:
No matter what your morals and beliefs, you have your characters do things you would never even dream of doing. Like use a sword, a real one, and be good at it. I'm pretty sure I will never even be skilled enough with a stick to even pick up a sword. One of my main characters runs away from home when she is sixteen, (for god reason of course) but would I ever think about doing something like that? ABSOLUTELY NOT! (Put your minds at ease Mom and Dad, this girl isn't going anywhere until college. You are completely and utterly stuck with me.)
But if you think about it, how many of you would go to Mordor? Fight Voldemort? Kill multiple allomancers and rebel against the Lord Ruler? Go up against Kronos? Fight to the death in an arena full of kids your age? Face the evil King Galbatorix?....You get the point.
How many stories have you seen or read where a character is tortured, beheaded, or killed so suddenly and mercilessly you are left numb with shock. Admit it, it is probably your favorite story. I know you're thinking about it, and how amazing it is.
That is one of the components to a good heart throbbing story.
and as much as we hate to say it, we all know it to be true. So I will say it again.
No matter our morals or beliefs, when it comes to writing, your characters and story follow things that are completely different from your own.

Now because this is a long post, i feel i should reward you for getting all the way through it by just putting up some pictures* that have really inspired me to write. Who knows? Maybe they will help spark the story.

*Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures. I just really like them.

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