Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Okay. It is decided. My books. My stories. The ideas up in my brain.
They will be interconnected. Whooo hooo!
Do you know what this means? Of course you don't. But I will tell you. It means that Skyler will collaborate with Givani. Wes will compare weapons with Oliver. Gabriel will talk battle strategy with Peirs. Daniel will showdown with Skandar. Alred will meet everyone. Corrine will tell Varsier off.
Oh yeah. I'm excited.

So... What happens when you get the Enchantress, a Sage, and a Gifted all in the same room?
Well... you will find out soon enough. But I promise it will be epic. Probably the most epic thing I'll ever write.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Book Review: The Way Of Kings.

Alright. I finished the most beautiful book ever a few days ago. Why was it so beautiful? Well my dear reader, I can tell you.
Please note that if you have not read this beautiful book then 1. You are wrong. and 2.You really should not read this blog post, because it hold massive spoilers... and when it comes to spoilers. I HATE THEM.


I'm really warning you...

If you have not read The Way Of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, DO NOT CONTINUE

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Okay, before I begin, please enjoy the beauty of this beautiful book cover. (This is what I love to see people.)
Okay. Let the flowing of thoughts begin. Hopefully you will be able to keep up with them... because I'm just going to type them as they come. Which normally tend to be scrambled and disorganized.

The Way of Kings... The Way of Kings... how do I describe it in one word? EPIC.
No. I'm going to do more than one word. Duh. there is no possible way to describe just how epic and amazing this book actually is in only one word.
Well for starters, all of the books by this author are interconnected. Which means... what exactly? Are there some characters in other books? No. Nope. Not characters. Character? Yes. There is one character in each of his books. His name? I could let you go read all of the books and figure it out, but that would be mean. So I'll tell you. His name is Hoid.
Hoid Hoid Hoid Hoid Hoid. Oh how hilarious your character is. He always wears disguises and he is in ever one of Sanderson's epics. Elantris? A beggar. Mistborn? An informant. Warbreaker? A storyteller. The Way of Kings? Hehe you meet him before you know it is him. Keep guessing who it is. (though you do find out eventually. He comes up to one of the main characters to talk, and then after a small bit of conversing he simply says, "You can call me Hoid.")
Not only am i feeling like the rest of the series will slowly reveal how these books are interconnected, but they will just continue to get even more awesome!
Kaladin Stormblessed.
I love Kaladin Stormblessed.
He is a wicked beast with such a painful past it makes me only love him more. First a surgeon's apprentice, then a soldier, then a slave, then even worse than a slave, a bridgeman. His brother died in front of him, almost his whole team was killed by a Shardbearer, and then when Kaladin actually kills the Shardbearer... Stupid lighteyed Amaram kills the rest of Kaladin's team and puts a slave brand on his forehead. Taking Kaladin's Shards for himself. Stupid Amaram. You deserve everything coming to you. You're going to see Kaladin again, and Kaladin... oh Kaladin, you'd better KILL HIM ON THE SPOT! I mean... really though... he should do it. He has done it before. He can do it again. Everyone knows it.
Dalinar Kholin.
I love Dalinar Kholin.
And his son Adolin Kholin.
The fact that Dalinar has the weakness of the visions during highstorms only makes me like him even more. I hate perfect characters. Stupid perfect characters. Characters with depth and weakness and flaws are much more exciting to read about. But beastly characters with big flaws...? Oh those are even better! And that is exactly what Dalinar is.
I HATE SADEAS!!! HOW DARE HE BETRAY DALINAR KHOLIN! Sadeas is the stupidest lighteyes to ever enter the world of fiction. I hate him with every fiber of my being and i cannot understand why anyone would like his character. I liked him for those 50 pages that he was pretending to be friends with Dalinar again... but those were moments of ignorance and stupidity.
SYL SYL SYL. I love you Syl. you are so cute. And I want a spren to be my friend. You make me happy.
Lopen. Oh my joodness. Gancho you make me smile.
Rock. This thing is amazing. I like this thing you say all the time. Hehe this thing. Is something. Horneater.

The whole book.

Haha okay okay. ill narrow it down.

  • When Dalinar catches the Chasmfiend right before it steps on Elhokar.
  • When Kaladin freaks everyone out by jumping into his awesome spear dance. Earning the appearance of unique spren no one has seen before.
  • When Kaladin wakes up after staying the night in the Highstorm.
  • When Jasnah kills the scary men that one night, and then Shallan takes the (fake) soulcaster.
  • When Kaladin absorbs stormlight in front of Teft and partially heals himself while trying to get better from the Highstorm.
  • When Kaladin realizes he can absorb stormlight... and asks Syl if she is even a windspren. :)
  • When Adolin realizes why his father (Dalinar) is enforcing the codes. And why it is so important to stay true to them.
  • When Dalinar kisses Navani. It had to happen, and I got excited.
  • When Kaladin absorbs even mores stormlight from the spheres on the Parsheni's beards and pulls a few hundred arrows to his shield. 
  • When Kaladin freaking JUMPS the chasm that not even a Shardbearer can jump. EPIC!
  • When Kaladin is a beast and wipes out a ton of Parshendi with his killer spear and then yells at a bunch of soldiers as if he were a lighteyes of the highest rank.
  • When Navani paints the symbol for justice in front of Sadeas and burns it as a prayer for Dalinar.
  • When Renarin and Navani see Dalinar and Adolin walking towards Sadeas' camp after the cremling himself said he watched Dalinar fall.
  • When Dalinar trades his shardblade for the 1000 bridgemen in Sadeas' camp.
  • When Dalinar goes to see Elhokar... and freaking SLAMS him around! And then says that he loves him like a son. ("You have very strange parenting methods.")
  • When Dalinar tells Elhokar that he is courting his mother... and the look of shock on Elhokar's face. Oh I laughed so hard.
THE BEST "Oh my Gosh I'm such an IDIOT" MOMENTS
  • When Wit says he is Hoid. :D Made me so happy.
  • Elhokar admits to cutting the strap to his saddle himself.
  • When Shallan confronts Jasnah about being able to soulcast without a fabrial.
  • When you find out the Parshendi and Parshmen are the voidbringers.
  • Dunny's Death.
  • TIEN. Even though I knew he was dead all throughout the book. I was a mess when i actually was able to read how he died. It tore me up. I was such a mess!!!! I absolutely hate that Tien died. D:
  •  When Szeth is told he has to go find Dalinar Kholin... and kill him. Because you realize that there is no way Szeth can fail. He will kill anyone who gets in his way. He it too powerful. Even for Dalinar, Adolin, and Kaladin put together. Besides, Dalinar gives up his shards.... his blade to Sadeas for the brigemen and his Plate to Renarin.
  • When the book ended.
Okay... yeah... I am now braindead. Can't think now all I'm doing is replying certain moments of this book in my head. I think I need a nap. Or maybe a nice episode of Sherlock to get my mind moving again. 

Thanks for reading this scrambled review that should not even be considered a review...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Anyone Else?

Am I the only one who ever zones out?
I often find myself in to trouble with family members because anyone who knows me at all knows that i am the worst listener in the entire world.  Not when it comes to being told a story, stories I like. But when it comes to receiving instructions on what to do when I'm cleaning a garage or ordering for everyone at a fast food restaurant... Nope. Normally it goes in one ear and out the other.
And then this happens on a daily basis: I will be sitting in the same room as a few of my siblings and I'll be messing with my phone or writing an idea in my notebook... or just staring at the wall like the mindless drone I can be sometimes... And, of course, me not paying attention to them talking about something ie. Frozen Custard. And literally right after they finish talking about it I will pipe up and say, "Is anyone else craving a chocolate and vanilla twist with chocolate jimmies?"
Everyone in the room will turn and stare at me and then someone will say, "Where where you when I just said this five seconds ago?"
The reason this is on my mind is that because I tend to zone out so much while someone is talking that when someone else does it... they say they have an Amber Moment. I found myself laughing hysterically at this... maybe just because i was so offended that I thought it was funny (which makes no sense at all...) or that i just laughed because it was a fitting name... perhaps both. either way I'm using this as an excuse to get me famous....
Whenever you have a moment like this just say, "Sorry, I was having an Amber Moment."
Seems like a good name right? Way more exciting than, "Sorry, I zoned out."


Never mind, I changed my mind. I don't really want to be famous for zoning out. Don't say that. Please and Thank you.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Dreaded Lull.

Have you ever written a scene that seems so incredibly perfect... and then once you get past it, you hit a lull? Its as if all the action was sucked into that awesome scene and left you dry and out of ideas for the aftermath?
Yeah... this moment is always a hard time for me. It have trouble getting through those slow parts. It probably look me a weeks to write a few pages of aftermath from my climax.
Well, I don't have a cure for this, but what I do know, is that they need to be written. So its best to get it over with. Because lets face it, that book of yours, it is not going to write itself. And you sure as heck do not want someone else stealing your idea. So get it out. Just put one word after another and soon enough you will hit more exciting parts.
This the cycle continues.

 Good Luck.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Indulge for a moment...

Just the other day I discovered that IMDB has a small little page for the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who. This was my reaction to it... At least when I saw who was in it. It was quite a happy dandy moment for me. Just look at the first name of the cast and crew... And then look at the second to last. My day was certainly made with this news. I hope my fellow whovians are just as excited.

Monday, April 8, 2013


So when I started blogging again I decided to go at it full force. That wasn't exactly the best idea, because i used up all my blog post ideas in a week... Darn. So, I'm not going to post every single day like a good blogger should. I'm going to just post when I can, and when I have something to share. It will probably be somewhere between every other day and every other week. So check back often.

Anyways, the main reason I'm typing random information is because i found something on  Pinterest that made me laugh so hard I'm pretty sure my mom questioned my sanity in that on moment. Actually she questions how sane I am quite often. Anyways, there are just a few writers problems and memes to make you my fellow reader/writer do something between crack a smile and double over in a fit a laughing.
The sad thing about all of these, is that they are so painfully accurate it hurts.

Okay, this is really mean... but it made me giggle.

And this is the meme that had me laughing for a good five minutes. Its funny because its true. So horribly, horribly, terribly true!