Thursday, April 18, 2013

Anyone Else?

Am I the only one who ever zones out?
I often find myself in to trouble with family members because anyone who knows me at all knows that i am the worst listener in the entire world.  Not when it comes to being told a story, stories I like. But when it comes to receiving instructions on what to do when I'm cleaning a garage or ordering for everyone at a fast food restaurant... Nope. Normally it goes in one ear and out the other.
And then this happens on a daily basis: I will be sitting in the same room as a few of my siblings and I'll be messing with my phone or writing an idea in my notebook... or just staring at the wall like the mindless drone I can be sometimes... And, of course, me not paying attention to them talking about something ie. Frozen Custard. And literally right after they finish talking about it I will pipe up and say, "Is anyone else craving a chocolate and vanilla twist with chocolate jimmies?"
Everyone in the room will turn and stare at me and then someone will say, "Where where you when I just said this five seconds ago?"
The reason this is on my mind is that because I tend to zone out so much while someone is talking that when someone else does it... they say they have an Amber Moment. I found myself laughing hysterically at this... maybe just because i was so offended that I thought it was funny (which makes no sense at all...) or that i just laughed because it was a fitting name... perhaps both. either way I'm using this as an excuse to get me famous....
Whenever you have a moment like this just say, "Sorry, I was having an Amber Moment."
Seems like a good name right? Way more exciting than, "Sorry, I zoned out."


Never mind, I changed my mind. I don't really want to be famous for zoning out. Don't say that. Please and Thank you.