Tuesday, May 28, 2013


When someone says the word music I kind of perk up a bit.

I don't have any pictures of me dancing... so I'm just going to use screenshots from a recent Skype conversation with yours truly and her weirdo sister Ali.
If you were going to ask me the last time I went an entire day without listening to any music... I would not even know. Music is in my soul. I'm pretty sure that it is what keeps the blood flowing inside of me.

So I've decided to share with you pretty much my everyday playlist. You know... the music I listen to while I... clean, read, write, relax, ect. Just my general first pick songs.

Okay so here it is. I hope that these songs go on to inspire your life in ways that no one can imagine.
  • Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons. Why? Because it is just beyond epic. Just the whole song in general grabs you right from the beginning and makes you want to scream the lyrics in your own personal jam session.
  • Somewhere Only We Know - Keane. Why? Honestly... because it fits in perfectly with a certain situation in my book... And so whenever I listen to it, it makes me think of that certain situation and I smile because of it.
  • We'll Be A Dream - We The Kings (feat. Demi Lovato). Why? 1. Because this song is just one of those songs where you just... jam... in a mellow not fast kind of way. 2. Demi is my home girl.
  • C'mon - Panic! At The Disco (With Fun.) Why? This song makes me happy.
  • Sooner Or Later - Mat Kearney. Why? Because its an uplifting song. You can get through those trials. And you can reach your dreams. Keep going.
  • Plant Life - Owl City. Why? Because Adam Young's lyrics actually make me feel like a rainbow, despite the fact that most of the time they are super cheesy. That's what makes them so special.
  • Float On - Modest Mouse. Why? Because The tune is uber awesome and the message in the song is good.
Okay so those are the songs I listen to on a regular basis. But if you ask me what kind of music I listen to while writing..? Well... my writing playlist in particular normally does include all of these songs. but recently I have found a new love for instrumental music. It leaves your mind to explore, and I like to pretend it is the score for my book. Even though most of the songs will never be anything close to what would appear on the actually score of my book if it actually does get sent into a publisher and accepted one day.
Okay Boys. Now you know. If you ever ask me to dance again. now you know what kind of music I like. because these genre(s) above are what I prefer.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

What Exactly is THE GIFT?

The Gift... The Gift... The Gift... Well if I tell you exactly what it is then I would simply have to kill you.
But I'm sure you could make a few guesses...

Soot covered hands.


Is that a person?!
 I don't know how much you are actually going to get from that... Obviously being Gifted has to to with fire... But that is only the half of it... Go on and guess in the comments below, I want to know what you think!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Miserable Situations!

A few months ago, me and a few friends went to meet one of the most epic authors of the time. Brandon Sanderson. Duh. The guy is a genius with words. (Really though, I can't understand how he comes up with such wonderfully amazing stories and magic systems...) Not to mention he pumps books out like nobody's business, and they are always uber long.
Hehe uber... That's a funny word. If I were a Time Lord then that would definitely be what Geronimo, Fantastic, or Allons-y is to the Doctor. Just saying.

Sandi just looks so much happier than me next to him!
Our glorious group. We were the youngest people there!
Sorry about the blurry-ness of the picture,
everyone was too impatient to take more than one group picture.

Anyways, the ride to the Free Library in Philly was quite long, so there was a lot of book talk going on. (My favorite kind of talk!)We talked about all of Sanderson's epic stories and the possibilities of what could come. We talked about everything from superheroes to our favorite miserable situations in books and movies. I might just mention that one of the favorites mentioned was Kaladin's from The Way Of Kings. I'm not sure if I agree... probably just because it is way TO miserable for me to enjoy it... but it is a really good miserable situation. I can't come up with a certain single situation at the moment, but I do have a small list... (They don't give anything away.. its just names. those who have read these books will know what I am talking about.)
 So, because authors tend to be heartless with the way they treat their characters... I decided: HEY! If professional authors are throwing their characters to the sharks... I'd might as well try it.
Apparently I like miserable situations too much. The one person who introduced the idea of a miserable situation to me, is now saying that I am way too mean to my characters. But of course, in her own special way, she's says that I am a genius. Even when i told my cousin/neighbor/best friend one of my more recent (and most heartless ideas I've ever had)she said, "Amber, that is so heartless. but at the same time..." she pauses here to hold her hand up to punctuate her words, "it is pure genius." 
Oh yeah. My heartless idea is pure genius. Watch out potential fans, this girl has an idea that will break your hearts. Maybe if my horrible writing is actually accepted by a publisher then I can clarify which idea that is.

Just remember my fellow writers and story imaginers, putting a character into a miserable situation, sets that character up for development and excitement from the reader. People eat up the miserable situations. I'm not saying you should do it because that's what audience wants... do it because you think it is something that will help your story, and because you truly relish the idea.
In any case, Farethewell! I must continue with my conjuring of miserable situations.

OH! One more thing, if you do make a miserable situation, be sure that the character at least comes out with a slightly different outlook on things... what would be the point of throwing a character into the Pits of Hathsin, or making him a slave to carry bridges across great distances, if they don't go through any development whatsoever? There wouldn't be a point. So make sure your character develops a little bit from that trial.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Eyes?

Well. In case anyone does not know. the main stories I am working on right now... all of the magic systems involved in these stories all have something to do with the eyes. 
Why? You ask. Because... well, 1. All of these stories are interconnected and take place on the same world. 2. Because eyes are hands down my favorite feature. Just saying.
So... What exactly do the eyes specifically have to do with the magic system in each book?
Well... I'll tell you.
Not the blue liner. Just the eyes color. It is the closest thing I could find. Trust me I looked HARD.
First I'll tell you about The Enchantress. Or rather... The Opal Trilogy. This picture happens to be a very very very close concept to what Skyler's eyes look like. Blue and green. 
When someone has eyes like this, (two eye colors), it means they have the ability to use magic... Well most of the time. Some times it means you can just understand the language that goes along with using magic.

She sees into your soul.
Next I'll go with the Gift. The people who have the Gift don't actually walk around with glowing gold eyes... but when they start to use the Gift... (You'll find out what exactly what is in a bit) their eyes begin to fade from green, brown, blue, ect. to gold. It is a good way to recognize someone with this ability... Which can be considered a bad thing for the Gifted in this story... considering having the Gift makes you an outlaw... hmm..

Oh my goodness!
Next? My Rune story. I don't actually have a name for this yet... so that is what I'll be calling it up until I actually figure out a name for it... Perhaps Sage Runes? I was thinking about that name... but it doesn't roll of the tongue as easily as the Enchantress... 
Anyways, as you could have guessed, the magic in this story involves what? Runes! Well... As far as I know right now... when a Sage learns a new rune, and truly knows its meaning and all that exciting stuff, his eyes shift to silver for only a few seconds. They also tend to shift to silver when they are writing the runes or using their abilities... that sort of thing.

Okay, so I saved the least developed for last. All I know about this story are a few characters faces, small scenes that replay in my head from time to time, and the magic system. No actual plot line yet... Lame right? Well, coming up with a good story to tell is hard work. It is fun. But hard.
So the way this works is when someone with this specific magical ability gets close to a power source... (Not electricity. No technology will be involved in any of these books...) (Well... at least not when they are on this certain world.) When they get close to a power source, like I said before, the person's eyes don't exactly change... They just... glow. The color intensifies, and sort of gives off this eery light. Almost like a glow stick! Wow that was a really bad example. but you know what I mean... right?

Okay so there you have it! There are my four main stories. I have more... but as far as I know they won't be connected with these ones.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yhuk Yhuk Yhuk!

"You wanna hear a funny joke?"
...That's normally the response I get when I ask someone if they want to hear the latest joke I've found or come across...
Well... considering how dreary my week has been.... I've decided to cheer myself up with a few jokes that have helped me smile. ENJOY!

My favorite emoji
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

I think it's time...

Okay. So... I'm thinking that for this post I want to give you all a preview of what I'm writing. Give you a feel of how my characters are right now. But Not anything spoilerific. (You know, JUST in case my writing ever ends up in a bookstore.)
So. I'm thinking YOU should give me a prompt. You know... I know people come to read my blog. I don't know who is actually seeing it. But i know people come to my blog... so... whoever you are... you should leave a comment below and let me know what kind of writing prompt you want me to use. I'll chose one in a few days and write out a short story using the main characters from the Enchantress.

 (Just and FYI this prompt does not need to be something spectacular. It can be as simple as: The four main characters in your book went to Denny's and the order got mixed up with the table next to them.)

You also DO NOT have to feel inclined or obligated in any way to read the info on these characters... 

Okay... So for a little background info... to get your mind moving for a prompt...

The four main characters in my book. There is Skyler Latiana Tuesday...
Likes: fuzzy socks,  lemonade, the smell of cilantro, watching a movie with her mom, the color skyblue-pink.
She can sometimes be a bit temperamental... but is normally pretty fun. Brown hair... maybe down to her shoulder blades and she is fiercely loyal to friends. She tends to be somewhat skeptical sometimes, and can be very emotional... (darn you tears!) But also intense as the ending of Sherlock sometimes... heh.

When she is trying... she shows her determination.
She doesn't ever wear a dress, but is always in a cloak.
Chandler Derek West...
 Likes: wind, traveling, visiting his siblings, mangoes, green, jogging
He has a twin sister, and and an older brother. Doesn't particularly like cats but prefers dogs. He gives little kids candy when he can, and prefers a mint over a piece of gum. Just as loyal to Skyler, and angered even more so when someone hurts them. He always always always steps outside while it is raining... just to inhale, he thinks the sensation is intoxicating. (I happen to agree with him on that)
Mixed with tall dark and handsome... if that is even possible...
Kind of the boy next door look...

Exaivier Leon Young...
Likes: solitude, star gazing, foods with a lot of flavor, history(particularly Greek and Roman mythology... if only because the religions amuse him slightly.)
He can't stand liars or stray fur from animals. Exaivier has lived through so many things that he has hit the 'depths of despair' multiple times. He has a dry sense of humor(hence why Skandar likes to try making him laugh), but he does smile(don't worry he's not THAT intense). Exaivier has a deep appreciation for artifacts and artwork from before anyone alive now was born.
Exaivier in the prologue of my book... No. I'm not going to show you his face. (Probably because i don't have a full and exact picture of any of the characters in my book... I try though...)

Skandar Christian Tuesday...
Likes: Teasing his sister, blueberries(especially in pie), trying to get Exaivier to laugh, winning board games, waffles, being macho.
Skandar, in a nut shell, is very much like Kelsier from Mistborn. He isn't exactly like him... Kelsier smiled a LOT... and Skandar hasn't been through as much as Kelsier. But they have the same silly attitude, and implusive-ness... and dead serious when it comes to you know... serious stuff. He despises bell peppers with a passion, and can't understand why canberries try to get in every single ind of juice out there. He likes to try and make normal words like elbow and gullible sound strange by saying them slowly.

Almost Skandar... Almost...
He loves looking over the side of a waterfall he grew up close to.

So there you have it. Please don't forget to comment. I'll feel very unloved if you don't.
Just kidding. 
Just kidding about just kidding though.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just Keep Swimming!

So my sister had persuaded me to do this May blogging challenge. And since I'm starting late, I'm just gonna pick up where the challenge is right now. Because I'm lazy like that.
Here it goes. Blogging every day in May, commence!

Goofing off with my stolen iPhone is normal at mutual. You learn to love it.
Day 8 of the Challenge: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.
So I realize, that I'm young. I'm inexperienced when it comes to life lessons and all that jazz. But there is one thing that I know is important. Even if you want to scoff at me and say, "This girl doesn't know what the word hard even means!"
*shrugs* Doesn't mean I can't offer a few words of wisdom.
Okay. My advice:  
Just because things in your life are tough, does not mean you can't find a reason to smile.

What exactly does this mean? 
Just because you are going through a funk, doesn't mean that you need to stop everything you are doing and sulk. Just keep going. Don't ignore your problems, that won't solve anything. But face them with an upbeat attitude, things will get better. It won't always be all dark and gloomy. I promise.

Peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; (D&C 121:7)