Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Feeling Blocked?

I can relate.
Writers block... there is just one word to accurately to describe it: UGGGGH!
Yes, that's very accurate. Unfortunately there isn't a specific cure to writer's block. but there are many  things that could help...
  • Try Reading. Maybe something in the story you are reading will spark one of your own. It normally does for me. (Just be careful not to take the work of someone else.)
  • MUSIC! Namely: Imagine Dragons. All of their songs tend to be epic and awesome, especially Bleeding Out.
  • Pinterest always helps me a ton. Just go to the search bar and search boards called 'Writing Inspiration, Novel Inspiration, or I am an Author/Writer. Future Characters, Male Characters, Female Characters... Search that if you aren't already following a ton of writing boards... like me.
  • Take a break. You might have just been writing for so hacking long, that your brain locked up. In that case, you probably should go jogging or something.
  • Reread what you have. Sometimes the reason your brain refuses to flow with ideas, is because of a rut your accidentally created in the story earlier. Maybe you'll find something to fix, or help with what you need to write next if you look back at what you have.
  • Talk to someone about it. Tell someone about the story, and what has you stumped, maybe an outsiders opinion can help.
  • Watch any BBC program. Ah yes, BBC, my love. The magical television network that created Merlin, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Robin Hood, North and South, Wives and Daughters, MI-5, Top Gear... Shall I go on? I'm sure SOMETHING in the BBC will help. Steven Moffat might help you realize that it is really okay, but not okay, to just... kill the character. (In the most heart wrenching way possible.)
Okay, well that's what I normally do during a writer's block. Or write on this lonely little blog of mine. If none of that helps... well I'm not sure what to tell you...

Music while writing this post? (It's Time - Imagine Dragons)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Keep Going

"My writing is awful!"
"I can't get more than a few paragraphs!"
"My story is too corny."
"My characters are too dull."
"I don't describe enough."
"I need more dialogue!"
Have you ever told yourself something along these lines? I know I have. Well there is a simple fix for that.
Just. Keep. Going.
Unless of course you have decided that you hate writing and it bores you to death, in that case you might want to consider doing something else to occupy your time. BUT I'm not talking about those people! I'm talking about the people who absolutely love to write, but then will look back at what they have written and beat themselves up.
Hey, that's not your job. You aren't supposed to beat yourself up about your story. Keep going. The more you write, the better at storytelling you will get.
If anyone were going to read the very first stuff I wrote... Let's just say it will never see the light of day again because it is absolutely dreadful. That didn't stop me. When I restarted writing, it wasn't that bad. And I ended up finishing an entire book.
Did it need editing? Absolutely. And that is not a bad thing. It is good that I even got far enough to be able to read an entire book that I wrote, and have the opportunity to edit it.

"Do what you freaking love" -Cassidy Tucker.

Is accurate.
 If you don't do what you freaking love. You need to sort out your priorities. (Like Hermione) But really. Write not because you're good at it, who says you have to be good. being good at something takes practice. Write because it is something you love to do. That's why I do it.

Ain't dat da truth.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My regrets with Blake...SPOILERS!!!!!

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers to my book. Read at your own peril.

Maybe I should have let her live... To be honest, I considered bringing her back to life... There were a lot of factors I considered when I was planning on bringing her back... A lot that should not be in the story. (Details on that might come in the future) Uggh she is such an awesome character, and I never got to explore her. Blake's death was definitely very sudden in my writing process... And depressing for me. I was just writing.. And then I thought "HEY! Why don't I let the Alchemist kill her."
Grrr I'm so awful. I can't bring her back without completely cutting her death... Which is a factor to be considered, letting Blake live would open up opportunities for getting many questions answered. (Blake knew about Dezra's situation. DUH she's a seer, of course she did. Right after she discovered this, Blake went and told Corrine.) Sigh... But if she doesn't come back it gives (SHHHHHH!) Katrina a valid reason to show up if she is even alive... Hmm. I definitely can't bring back too many characters.
I need to ponder on this...

Not only  is she an awesome character, but she is also one of the few blondes I have in my books...
This is the closest depiction of Blake that I have found... It's actually pretty exact to be honest. EXCEPT the eyes. Blake has green eyes...
GRASS GREEN to be exact. Not just green... or pale green. GRASS green. There is a difference

 And Blake as a child....

Still unsure if she will come back. Hmmm probably not, I'll just put her in some of Skandar's flashbacks in book 3. Seems like the better option.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

All Feelings Aside

There have always been a few things that give away right away that you have a broad imagination, or love to create a story. In my case, people know I'm a writer. Not just because I talk about my book nonstop and keep prodding people to read it because I want feedback... but because of some of the things I do.
I have compiled a small list of things that signify you as a writer (good or bad), and it is actually very very true... In my case at least.

  • You get excited about a small something someone said to you, because it suddenly sparks an entire and exciting new idea and you NEED to go write it down before you forget.
  • You get way too into the books you're reading, and start to compare your writing to famous authors. (Just face it, you will never be as good as Brandon Sanderson. But always strive to be as good as him.)
  • You're in tears while writing an emotional scene in your story, and everyone in your family starts to worry about your sanity.
  • You talk to yourself... About writing. (Okay, maybe my family should be worried...)
  • When you ask people for a name, any name. And then when they finally give you one, you only get frustrated because it is a name so horribly common you would never dream of using it for your book. (When I say, "Give me a name." I mean a name like, Thamar, Jurrien, or Latiana.)
  • You suffer severe mental stress when you go long periods of time without writing a word.
  • When you use Pinterest mainly for writing purposes.
  • When you feel the need to buy a new notebook and a whole array of pens every time you go to the store. Even if you already have more notebooks than everyone in your class combined.
Okay so there are many more things... but one more... ONE more that really does stamp me in the face as a writer:
No matter what your morals and beliefs, you have your characters do things you would never even dream of doing. Like use a sword, a real one, and be good at it. I'm pretty sure I will never even be skilled enough with a stick to even pick up a sword. One of my main characters runs away from home when she is sixteen, (for god reason of course) but would I ever think about doing something like that? ABSOLUTELY NOT! (Put your minds at ease Mom and Dad, this girl isn't going anywhere until college. You are completely and utterly stuck with me.)
But if you think about it, how many of you would go to Mordor? Fight Voldemort? Kill multiple allomancers and rebel against the Lord Ruler? Go up against Kronos? Fight to the death in an arena full of kids your age? Face the evil King Galbatorix?....You get the point.
How many stories have you seen or read where a character is tortured, beheaded, or killed so suddenly and mercilessly you are left numb with shock. Admit it, it is probably your favorite story. I know you're thinking about it, and how amazing it is.
That is one of the components to a good heart throbbing story.
and as much as we hate to say it, we all know it to be true. So I will say it again.
No matter our morals or beliefs, when it comes to writing, your characters and story follow things that are completely different from your own.

Now because this is a long post, i feel i should reward you for getting all the way through it by just putting up some pictures* that have really inspired me to write. Who knows? Maybe they will help spark the story.

*Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures. I just really like them.

Monday, March 11, 2013

I made it

First off, sorry for two Merlin posts so close together... I'm just obsessing over it a bit right now.

I have mere a few words to say. I made it to the end of Merlin... and despite my hopes, it stayed true to the life ruiner ending all other BBC shows have to offer. I'd Just like to say, thank you BBC for officially ruining my life with that beautifully HORRIBLE ending to a TV series I loved so dearly.

Can I just say how much I absolutely LOVE this gif?

Okay i changed my mind. It is more than just a few words...
(WARNING: If you have not seen the end of this show, then you need to stop scrolling and not read this until AFTER you have seen the end of the show... because I am about to ruin the ending for you if you have not seen it and decide to continue scrolling.)

You do this at your own peril.


Don't say I didn't warn you.



WHO ENDS A TV WHO LIKE THAT?!?!?!?!  I can't believe i stuck it out FIVE seasons just to make it to the end... and what do I get? THE DEATH OF ARTHUR!!!!! The only thing good about the ending was watching Merlin kill Morgana so easily. But even that could not even compensate for the feels running through me right at this moment.
Arthur... The King of Camelot... DIES!!!!!! I know Steven Moffat wasn't the writer of this show... but I would really like to blame him anyways. Okay never mind... I just looked it up. Julian Jones is to blame... What on earth am i supposed to do now? I think really the only legit way to describe how i feel is with this video, because it is shamelessly accurate!!! (0:41-0:47 is exactly how I feel right now...)

Dead Arthur just sails off... VERY DEAD into the Lake Avalon... and then everyone is all like "ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!!" and then a giant 16 wheeler drives by on the road... :'( and poor little old Merlin... Yes, he's old... (that must have been what they were trying to get at the entire show! OH! Merlin is young, but Merlin is supposed to be old! LETS KILL ARTHUR AND MAKE MERLIN HAVE NO FRIENDS!!!!!) NOT to mention the fact that we don't even know who finds out about Merlin's magic! The only one we KNOW knows about it is Gaius! And maybe Gwen... UGGGH!
So many feelings... its really really really bad.
I probably could go on forever about this... make this blog post never ending about how I'm in the depths of despair right now...
The worst part..? Colin Morgan and Bradley James aren't even in anything else related to BBC right now...

I'll be okay... I just need to get past phase 6... (as mentioned in that video)
For now... Just leave me alone to die.

Wow... I'm really dramatic. I guess its what happens when you dive headfirst into the world of fandoms.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

When Inspiration Strikes...

OH NO! I have a really awesome idea for my book... What if I forget it?!

If anyone has ever asked this question... You deserve a punch in the face. The very first thing I did when I started writing for the first time, was find a notebook to keep all my ideas in. Now when I look through that notebook... and the other four I have filled since then, i realize how many ideas i wouldn't have if I hadn't written them down.
I cannot even stress how how important it is that you write your ideas down. Because it is so incredibly important. Always Always Always carry a notebook and a pen around.
A PEN! That is more important than a notebook. What good is paper if you do not have something to write with? If you have a pen, but not paper, you always have your hand... or clothes...
But really, what if while you are in the waiting room of the dentist's office you are suddenly struck with the climax for your story, but by the time you get home to your note book... you can't remember what it is?! Well while you're waiting for the nurse to come out and call your name, WRITE IT DOWN.
I am so grateful I'm to the point where I feel like I'm not wearing socks with my sneakers if i don't have a notebook. Over the summer last year I actually switched from using a purse to using a backpack. It is less girly, and fits my needs much better than a purse does. It can not only fit my notebooks... but also books to READ! It makes me happy.

So, don't forget:
  • Get Yourself a notebook.
  • Get yourself a pen. (I recommend Sharpie Pens. They are wonderful, don't bleed, and come in different colors!)
  • Carry both everywhere you go.
  • Get a backpack. Much easier to carry all your stuff around.
Seriously though, don't forget. This stuff is important.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Merlin Merlin Merlin

On my long list of obsessions... BBC's Merlin. *swoon* I love him with all my heart.
I mean first off, everyone loves a good story with magic. But who could NOT love that face?! Not to mention Colin Morgan was given an award for best actor... (Not in the US. Americans are dumb)
Which is why I wish I were British. Oh how i wish i could live in this show. Merlin is so amazing.

And then we have the other characters that i love so much. Arthur, Gwaine, Percival, and even Mordred. I mean come one, Mordred has magic. Duh, hes a druid. But i mean... seriously. He's flipping awesome.

Sir Percival
Sir Gwaine
And how can we ever forget the Once and Future King?! :D
Okay, so i really like Mordred... Maybe its just because he's a druid, he has magic, and he gets super intense about it too.... <3 also, my heart kinda throbs when his eyes flash gold like that.
 OKAY! Back to Merlin... Because I just love him so fluffing much. If I were able to get a character that is like Merlin... I would do it. But it is just past my writing abilities. If I were to write a character like him... I would fail miserably. So, I will content myself with indulging with this show... Even though I am SO close to being at the end.

 OH... and I really like Freya... Her and Merlin kind of make my heart melt like a popsicle on the fourth of July.

AND... One more of just Merlin. :D

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Filling the Furnace

Filling my family's wood burning furnace used to bug me to no end.... but then the fire went out. And I just considered saying, "Whatever, who needs warm air?!"
Dumb question, no one wants to be cold. Ever. SO, I put my hair up, put on a coat and my dirty sneakers(you know the ones I wear to cowtown and get all gross and greasy? yeah, those ones.) I bring a lighter that barely works, a few tealights and a bunch of cardboard and paper outside with me.
Hehe, after a few minutes of lighting the paper AND THEN throwing it into the furnace to burn... it made me feel a little better about the situation. (Sandi, it is my inner pyrokinesis calling...) no it isn't that, I just think it is interesting watching a piece of paper burn in front of you. Watching the fire eat every shred of color on the paper... It's quite mesmerizing...
I guess it's a good thing I got an idea that had to do with fire. Readers beware.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Names Matter...

Does the name of a character matter..? I think it should... I mean you wouldn't want a Jurrien and Bryan going on a journey together. But Jurrien and Thamar went on a journey together... It has a much better ring to it.
SO, even though it can be hard to come up with some cool names, do it!
The names don't effect the story, but they do make it a little more fun. That way when you hear the name Jurrien or Thamar, you think of that awesome story you're working on.... :D (SANDI...)
That's it, I must go write my book... and do school work. Perhaps in reverse order though.

ALSO, if can't even come up with a name for a minor character... go to some baby naming websites. Your web history might be funny to other people, but it will be very helpful. (trust me, I've done it myself.)

Friday, March 1, 2013

I have an unhealthy obsession...

With Arrow. Uggggh!!! The show is just so good! The blonde chick, Felicity... LOVE HER! Just watched the newest episode, Tommy I now have a new respect for... And Oliver. :D hehe
But seriously if I could manage to get the kind of suspense from a show like that... And morph it somehow into my writing..? I'd be one happy girl.

My characters... They just don't have enough depth. Skandar, Exaivier and Dezra do, but Skyler and Chandler..? I don't even know about Skandar. He is... Such an airhead... Except... No.... Airhead wouldn't be the right word to describe Skandar. More like goofball. What I like about Skandar though is that he has a lot of mysterious background. Exaivier, well f course HE does too, but his is different... Exaivier was fulfilling a purpose. Skandar...? We have no idea what he went through growing up... Well I do, you no one else does. Mwahahahaha!!! Don't worry, book 3, will be full if flash backs concerning Skandar.