Thursday, March 7, 2013

Filling the Furnace

Filling my family's wood burning furnace used to bug me to no end.... but then the fire went out. And I just considered saying, "Whatever, who needs warm air?!"
Dumb question, no one wants to be cold. Ever. SO, I put my hair up, put on a coat and my dirty sneakers(you know the ones I wear to cowtown and get all gross and greasy? yeah, those ones.) I bring a lighter that barely works, a few tealights and a bunch of cardboard and paper outside with me.
Hehe, after a few minutes of lighting the paper AND THEN throwing it into the furnace to burn... it made me feel a little better about the situation. (Sandi, it is my inner pyrokinesis calling...) no it isn't that, I just think it is interesting watching a piece of paper burn in front of you. Watching the fire eat every shred of color on the paper... It's quite mesmerizing...
I guess it's a good thing I got an idea that had to do with fire. Readers beware.

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