Friday, March 15, 2013

Keep Going

"My writing is awful!"
"I can't get more than a few paragraphs!"
"My story is too corny."
"My characters are too dull."
"I don't describe enough."
"I need more dialogue!"
Have you ever told yourself something along these lines? I know I have. Well there is a simple fix for that.
Just. Keep. Going.
Unless of course you have decided that you hate writing and it bores you to death, in that case you might want to consider doing something else to occupy your time. BUT I'm not talking about those people! I'm talking about the people who absolutely love to write, but then will look back at what they have written and beat themselves up.
Hey, that's not your job. You aren't supposed to beat yourself up about your story. Keep going. The more you write, the better at storytelling you will get.
If anyone were going to read the very first stuff I wrote... Let's just say it will never see the light of day again because it is absolutely dreadful. That didn't stop me. When I restarted writing, it wasn't that bad. And I ended up finishing an entire book.
Did it need editing? Absolutely. And that is not a bad thing. It is good that I even got far enough to be able to read an entire book that I wrote, and have the opportunity to edit it.

"Do what you freaking love" -Cassidy Tucker.

Is accurate.
 If you don't do what you freaking love. You need to sort out your priorities. (Like Hermione) But really. Write not because you're good at it, who says you have to be good. being good at something takes practice. Write because it is something you love to do. That's why I do it.

Ain't dat da truth.

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