Sunday, March 10, 2013

When Inspiration Strikes...

OH NO! I have a really awesome idea for my book... What if I forget it?!

If anyone has ever asked this question... You deserve a punch in the face. The very first thing I did when I started writing for the first time, was find a notebook to keep all my ideas in. Now when I look through that notebook... and the other four I have filled since then, i realize how many ideas i wouldn't have if I hadn't written them down.
I cannot even stress how how important it is that you write your ideas down. Because it is so incredibly important. Always Always Always carry a notebook and a pen around.
A PEN! That is more important than a notebook. What good is paper if you do not have something to write with? If you have a pen, but not paper, you always have your hand... or clothes...
But really, what if while you are in the waiting room of the dentist's office you are suddenly struck with the climax for your story, but by the time you get home to your note book... you can't remember what it is?! Well while you're waiting for the nurse to come out and call your name, WRITE IT DOWN.
I am so grateful I'm to the point where I feel like I'm not wearing socks with my sneakers if i don't have a notebook. Over the summer last year I actually switched from using a purse to using a backpack. It is less girly, and fits my needs much better than a purse does. It can not only fit my notebooks... but also books to READ! It makes me happy.

So, don't forget:
  • Get Yourself a notebook.
  • Get yourself a pen. (I recommend Sharpie Pens. They are wonderful, don't bleed, and come in different colors!)
  • Carry both everywhere you go.
  • Get a backpack. Much easier to carry all your stuff around.
Seriously though, don't forget. This stuff is important.

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  1. Hmm, which is why I need a backpack. (Though there is no such thing as a small purse in my collection. There's a reason for that.)