Thursday, October 13, 2011


So, last night i forgot to set my alarm. Seminary starts at 6:15 and i woke up at six o'clock. which would have been okay if i lived ten minutes away from the church building.... but i live 15 minutes away. So i woke up with Ali's phone ringing to the theme song of Darkwing Duck =P
yeah, Jenna was calling her, wanting to find out what in the world was taking us so long. because we normally pick her up at 6:50.
Seminary mornings are never boring. One time Jenna was super tired so she was WAYYYY out of it. so she was talking quickly and babbling on and on about something i don't really remember, but i remember her doing something weird with her hands.... and then Brother Berry (my seminary teacher) tried to do it too.... it was an interesting morning.
oh an then we were talking about the plan of salvation and Bro. Berry asked us why we couldn't remember the war in heaven. i was really tired so i said "Because of the Veil of Forgetness." ermmm.... Everyone in seminary is not letting me live that one down.... Brother Berry called me the 'star student' for the rest of class.... =/
I'm still waiting for a good moment to use against ali for blackmail at any time. =]

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