Friday, October 21, 2011

Belly Button =]

so, we are all aware (well most of us are anyways) of veggie-tales. the greatest animated bible videos in the world! Because today is Friday at seminary we watched The Ballad Of Little Joe. It is a western veggie-tales version of the bible Joseph and the coat of many colors. =]
A little background. Ali, Jenna and me. We are the only ones who watched Veggie-Tales as kids, so the rest of the seminary students (Lauren, Jessica and Alexis), all sat there with straight faces while Ali, Jenna and I laughed our heads off... =P  and then the silly song came on "Belly Button - Boyz In The Sink"

you cannot go through this video without doing one of two things 1: Laugh your head off, or 2: Stare at the screen and wonder why you wasted your time...
I don't doubt the creators of Veggie-Tales will be grateful for my promotions!
Thanks again for reading my blog =]

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