Friday, May 24, 2013

Miserable Situations!

A few months ago, me and a few friends went to meet one of the most epic authors of the time. Brandon Sanderson. Duh. The guy is a genius with words. (Really though, I can't understand how he comes up with such wonderfully amazing stories and magic systems...) Not to mention he pumps books out like nobody's business, and they are always uber long.
Hehe uber... That's a funny word. If I were a Time Lord then that would definitely be what Geronimo, Fantastic, or Allons-y is to the Doctor. Just saying.

Sandi just looks so much happier than me next to him!
Our glorious group. We were the youngest people there!
Sorry about the blurry-ness of the picture,
everyone was too impatient to take more than one group picture.

Anyways, the ride to the Free Library in Philly was quite long, so there was a lot of book talk going on. (My favorite kind of talk!)We talked about all of Sanderson's epic stories and the possibilities of what could come. We talked about everything from superheroes to our favorite miserable situations in books and movies. I might just mention that one of the favorites mentioned was Kaladin's from The Way Of Kings. I'm not sure if I agree... probably just because it is way TO miserable for me to enjoy it... but it is a really good miserable situation. I can't come up with a certain single situation at the moment, but I do have a small list... (They don't give anything away.. its just names. those who have read these books will know what I am talking about.)
 So, because authors tend to be heartless with the way they treat their characters... I decided: HEY! If professional authors are throwing their characters to the sharks... I'd might as well try it.
Apparently I like miserable situations too much. The one person who introduced the idea of a miserable situation to me, is now saying that I am way too mean to my characters. But of course, in her own special way, she's says that I am a genius. Even when i told my cousin/neighbor/best friend one of my more recent (and most heartless ideas I've ever had)she said, "Amber, that is so heartless. but at the same time..." she pauses here to hold her hand up to punctuate her words, "it is pure genius." 
Oh yeah. My heartless idea is pure genius. Watch out potential fans, this girl has an idea that will break your hearts. Maybe if my horrible writing is actually accepted by a publisher then I can clarify which idea that is.

Just remember my fellow writers and story imaginers, putting a character into a miserable situation, sets that character up for development and excitement from the reader. People eat up the miserable situations. I'm not saying you should do it because that's what audience wants... do it because you think it is something that will help your story, and because you truly relish the idea.
In any case, Farethewell! I must continue with my conjuring of miserable situations.

OH! One more thing, if you do make a miserable situation, be sure that the character at least comes out with a slightly different outlook on things... what would be the point of throwing a character into the Pits of Hathsin, or making him a slave to carry bridges across great distances, if they don't go through any development whatsoever? There wouldn't be a point. So make sure your character develops a little bit from that trial.

Oh hey! Did you leave me an idea for a writing prompt yet? If not please do it! :D


  1. YOU ARE SO EEEEEEVVVIIIILLLLLL. Good job. (Just so you know, though, I told someone one of my evil ideas and they were thoroughly horrified. I was like "YOU SHOULD HEAR MY FRIEND'S TORMENTS!")


    1. Well what else can I do to him? I mean really...