Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Eyes?

Well. In case anyone does not know. the main stories I am working on right now... all of the magic systems involved in these stories all have something to do with the eyes. 
Why? You ask. Because... well, 1. All of these stories are interconnected and take place on the same world. 2. Because eyes are hands down my favorite feature. Just saying.
So... What exactly do the eyes specifically have to do with the magic system in each book?
Well... I'll tell you.
Not the blue liner. Just the eyes color. It is the closest thing I could find. Trust me I looked HARD.
First I'll tell you about The Enchantress. Or rather... The Opal Trilogy. This picture happens to be a very very very close concept to what Skyler's eyes look like. Blue and green. 
When someone has eyes like this, (two eye colors), it means they have the ability to use magic... Well most of the time. Some times it means you can just understand the language that goes along with using magic.

She sees into your soul.
Next I'll go with the Gift. The people who have the Gift don't actually walk around with glowing gold eyes... but when they start to use the Gift... (You'll find out what exactly what is in a bit) their eyes begin to fade from green, brown, blue, ect. to gold. It is a good way to recognize someone with this ability... Which can be considered a bad thing for the Gifted in this story... considering having the Gift makes you an outlaw... hmm..

Oh my goodness!
Next? My Rune story. I don't actually have a name for this yet... so that is what I'll be calling it up until I actually figure out a name for it... Perhaps Sage Runes? I was thinking about that name... but it doesn't roll of the tongue as easily as the Enchantress... 
Anyways, as you could have guessed, the magic in this story involves what? Runes! Well... As far as I know right now... when a Sage learns a new rune, and truly knows its meaning and all that exciting stuff, his eyes shift to silver for only a few seconds. They also tend to shift to silver when they are writing the runes or using their abilities... that sort of thing.

Okay, so I saved the least developed for last. All I know about this story are a few characters faces, small scenes that replay in my head from time to time, and the magic system. No actual plot line yet... Lame right? Well, coming up with a good story to tell is hard work. It is fun. But hard.
So the way this works is when someone with this specific magical ability gets close to a power source... (Not electricity. No technology will be involved in any of these books...) (Well... at least not when they are on this certain world.) When they get close to a power source, like I said before, the person's eyes don't exactly change... They just... glow. The color intensifies, and sort of gives off this eery light. Almost like a glow stick! Wow that was a really bad example. but you know what I mean... right?

Okay so there you have it! There are my four main stories. I have more... but as far as I know they won't be connected with these ones.

Hey, hey hey! Did you leave me a writing prompt yet? If not? Well come on! Do a girl a favor!


  1. You haven't told me about this last idea! We need to talk ;)