Tuesday, May 28, 2013


When someone says the word music I kind of perk up a bit.

I don't have any pictures of me dancing... so I'm just going to use screenshots from a recent Skype conversation with yours truly and her weirdo sister Ali.
If you were going to ask me the last time I went an entire day without listening to any music... I would not even know. Music is in my soul. I'm pretty sure that it is what keeps the blood flowing inside of me.

So I've decided to share with you pretty much my everyday playlist. You know... the music I listen to while I... clean, read, write, relax, ect. Just my general first pick songs.

Okay so here it is. I hope that these songs go on to inspire your life in ways that no one can imagine.
  • Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons. Why? Because it is just beyond epic. Just the whole song in general grabs you right from the beginning and makes you want to scream the lyrics in your own personal jam session.
  • Somewhere Only We Know - Keane. Why? Honestly... because it fits in perfectly with a certain situation in my book... And so whenever I listen to it, it makes me think of that certain situation and I smile because of it.
  • We'll Be A Dream - We The Kings (feat. Demi Lovato). Why? 1. Because this song is just one of those songs where you just... jam... in a mellow not fast kind of way. 2. Demi is my home girl.
  • C'mon - Panic! At The Disco (With Fun.) Why? This song makes me happy.
  • Sooner Or Later - Mat Kearney. Why? Because its an uplifting song. You can get through those trials. And you can reach your dreams. Keep going.
  • Plant Life - Owl City. Why? Because Adam Young's lyrics actually make me feel like a rainbow, despite the fact that most of the time they are super cheesy. That's what makes them so special.
  • Float On - Modest Mouse. Why? Because The tune is uber awesome and the message in the song is good.
Okay so those are the songs I listen to on a regular basis. But if you ask me what kind of music I listen to while writing..? Well... my writing playlist in particular normally does include all of these songs. but recently I have found a new love for instrumental music. It leaves your mind to explore, and I like to pretend it is the score for my book. Even though most of the songs will never be anything close to what would appear on the actually score of my book if it actually does get sent into a publisher and accepted one day.
Okay Boys. Now you know. If you ever ask me to dance again. now you know what kind of music I like. because these genre(s) above are what I prefer.

P.S. Did you leave a writing prompt for me yet? Go on! You're running out of time before you can! (Plus you get some background info on my book characters that aren't actually in any of the books... I think.)

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