Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just thoughts...

My favorite part of writing is losing myself in the story. Letting my imagination run free and almost... Almost, feeling like my characters are real, and are standing behind you recounting a dear memory while I just jot it down...
Everyone knows life would be more exciting with magic flowing through the air like a light breeze. While there are dragon riders, elves, hobbits, secret wardrobes, schools of magic, demigods, mistborn, windspren, and Returned.. I can't deny that it would be super awesome. But we have our own super powers inside of us..
Sure they aren't the same as Superman's or Harry Potter's... But we are literally gods in making. Heavenly Father's DNA is ours. We are his children, and he wants us to live with him again. We all must do all we can to prepare for that. Maybe we won't be sent to over throw the one called Lord Ruler with only the power of allomancy.... Or to simply walk into Mordor. But we need to make our time count, because so much depends on this life.
Life is a wonderful gift, and the idea of having it for eternity is definitely something to get excited about, even more so than going to Hogwarts or Narnia.

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