Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thoughts on Dezra and Exaivier...

Given their situation, obviously Exaivier does not want to trust Dezra... Dezra worked for the Alchemist for how long and tried to trick him how many times?! Actually I have no idea, but imagine quite a few. You would be wary of Dezra as well... All things considered, I do want the Guardian to warm up to Dezra at some point in the story. I have a few ideas.. Although that isn't exactly a good thing.

1. We could wait for Cari to show up and taunt Exaivier, tease him a bit for not believing in Dezra... Sad that he has to hear it from the most evil person in the story before he actually believes his brothers claims...

2. Dezra could die... :( although I really do not want that to happen because I just love him so much. He is probably my deepest character... Besides Exaivier of course. And while Dezra is lying on the ground dying, Exaivier realizes that his brother was telling the truth... Sad sad sad.

3. A good combination of the two... Maybe..? Ugh if I do one ill probably end up doing both.

4. When *she* comes back, she remembered who killed her and why he did what he did... She manages to talk some much needed sense into Exaivier which then brings out the awkward apologies... I hate writing awkward scenes. Reunions especially... I normally skip the first 25 minutes of them, after all the crying and emotional hugs are over with.

5. Exaivier never does trust Dezra. Uh no. I don't like that. Never mind, that idea is going in the garbage.

Also, if Exaivier is so reluctant to trust his brother... Then shouldn very one else be the same way..? First to warm up is definitely Chandler, given that he went through the same thing Dezra did... Only on a MUCH smaller scale. Next will be Skyler... Of course most of this will not happen until probably the end of The Healer's Fall or beginning of The Guardian's Rise...
Oh so much to think about...


  1. All for option 5! Imagine how terrible poor Dezra would feel, knowing that his brother never forgave him!

    1. Of course you say option five... The most heartless decision of them all!!