Friday, June 21, 2013

Melodious Thursdays...

I'm going to try something new. And exciting!  Every Thursday(that I remember to do this), I'm going to give you an update on my favorite music! Super fun right? Well... I think it is. I love being able to share the kinds of music I listen to.
Well... Today, I'm going to start it off with a big(but not so big) BANG!

The song I'm obsessing over right now (I will always be obsessing about this though), is Photographs by Scott and Brendo. Their music is kind of a more rap version of Owl City... if you're into that. That was probably a really bad description of Scot and Brendo, but I can't help thinking that Adam Young and these guys would sound super cool in a song together!
Anyways, their album 'And Away We Go' came out in February, and I absolutely love it. GO BUY IT!
Okay. That's it. That's my first Melodious Thursday for you.

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