Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Story Seeds.

Say you are in the middle of making your bed in the morning and suddenly barely a few seconds of an idea run through your mind. An image of a few characters doing something, saying something, expressing something... And you just feel the need to get it out
get it out in your best notebook.
The image continues to play over and over in your mind. It is barely a few seconds. I could give you some of my examples...
...There was an idea for:
  • The Gift, actually it was one line of dialogue with a fierce expression that opened up the possibility of someone who is now one of the main characters in the story. 
  • My rune story, I have this image of the two main characters standing in front of a giant abandoned building with spires that seem to stretch into the sky nearly eaten by the dark night.
  • The Enchantress, one of the very first images that popped into my mind and eventually spurred the entire story was of Skyler sitting on her bed clutching a small butterfly charm that hangs around her neck... one of the few tokens she has of her missing brother.
  • My light story... just the image of some epic dude standing in the middle of a mosaic like patio bathed in sunlight; pillars circle around him. Intense expression on his face and and hands spread out as he stares at something far off.
  • Parallel, I have the image of someone running down the middle of the street... he is afraid of something...
  • 24 hours? Just the simple image of someone sitting up in the middle of the night from a bad dream... remembering something he shouldn't. Dun dun dun!
  • Swapped? A scowl. that's it. A painful look in the eyes. She's angry, about something... I don't even know what yet. (this story has a connection with Parallel)
  • In the deep. Duh. The image of someone underwater, but not drowning.
Well... if you ever do get an idea like this. WRITE IT DOWN. Do not forget it!  These things are important. You can't let go of something awesome like that!

and if possible use sharpie pens. always sharpie pens.
Little epic parts, or cute little scenes from movies and books are what give us, in a fangirl term, feels. Feels. Feels. Feels. Feels.
Yes writers get them too. If you get feels while writing, chances are, someone else might as well. So, don't let go of that image or mini scene that plays over in your head. Especially if it gives you feels.

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