Sunday, June 9, 2013


Alright guys...
(Everyone who has heard me obsessing about this for the past few days, you have the clearance to leave.)
I found him. I found Exaivier.
Actually... His name is David Giuntoli*...
Look. He even has a sword.
But this guy is probably the closest I will ever come to Exaivier. It actually really truly blows my mind how close he is to Exaivier. Just saying...
 So I'm just going to post the pictures I have found of this guy with the perfectly perfect Exaivier expressions. Because there are a few of them, and those of you who know the character might know what they are.
But I mean really though. This really excites me! 

Just as a side note... I wonder how actors and actresses would feel if they knew how excited I get when I place THEIR face to one of my characters...

*I do know that he is from the tv show Grimm. Where do you think I found him?

Music while writing this post? Selene by Imagine Dragons (Who else?!)

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