Monday, June 10, 2013

Litte Demons.

A few days ago something extremely traumatic happened to me while I was in the kitchen of my own home. Can you guess what it was? You got it, I found a spider. Luckily my dad was in the kitchen so he started to go after it with a tissue. You know, the most reasonable thing to do when you see a spider half the size of your thumb with glowing blue eyes. (Aside from burning down the entire house...) But he couldn't get it! The little devil started to jump around like a little circus freak. I was seriously horrified that the thing was going to land on one of us, especially me.
After my dad finally got the spider into a tissue and squished it into an oblivion of satisfying guts the scariest thought popped into my head. And it got me thinking about how wonderful the world is.
This was the thought: I am so glad spiders don't have wings.
Oh. My. Gosh.
Can you imagine is spiders could fly? I would never leave my bedroom, or go anywhere without a bottle of pesticide. Gnats and flies annoy me when I'm inside or outside. I get freaked out when I see a hornet buzzing near me, but if a spider had wings... *Shudders* Lets just say I'm quite content with wingless spiders right now.Yes. We can all take a moment to be grateful that spiders cannot fly.
That was a nice moment.

Music while writing this post: Without Me by Eminem (Clean version of course)

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  1. I bet it was a jumping spider. I'm not fond of spiders but that kind seems shy and intelligent. They have super quick reaction times, and aren't out to get people. I love your description of the spider.