Thursday, June 13, 2013

My obsessions.

Well... I've decided that in this particular post, I'm going to share with you my top ten obsessions. And when I mean obsessions... I mean my fandoms. because you know. Apparently I'm crazy and have WAY too many. Heh. (These are in no particular order by the way...)

1. Harry Potter. Harry Potter is like the mom of all fandoms. You're either a fan of Harry Potter or your life is a lie. Filthy muggle.

2. Doctor Who. Because everyone loves an alien who time travels! (oh my feels.) Fantastic. Allons-y. Geronimo. Have a catchphrase now. Catchphrases are cool.
Because Whovians always have 3D glasses on them.
 3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ The Heroes of Olympus. Because Rick Riordan is a troll... and he has my complete respect for being so. I love my seaweed brain.

 4. Anything Brandon Sanderson... Because all of his books are epic. And I can't decide if I want them to be turned into movies because then the fandom would expand. Or if the stories are so full of things that special effects just couldn't handle so the stories would be brutally murdered on screen... If you haven't read and books by Sanderson yet... well let's just say that you're wasing in the where of needing.

5. Sherlock. (Oh come on, you knew this one is a given considering the fandoms above.) If you didn't guess this then you need to turn your back because you're lowering the IQ of the entire street.

6. Merlin. Uh duh. Who doesn't love the young warlock?!..... *GASP* You don't love the young warlock?! ...You're such a dollophead.

7. Disney. I mean come on. Who doesn't love some good 'ole classic Disney?! I'll smash you with a hammer if you don't like Disney.

8. Grimm. Oh my gosh. I seriously cannot get the ending of the Season 2 finale out of my head. Just leave me to drown in my pool of emotions!

Look familiar..? heh.
9. Arrow. OH MY GOSH ARROW! Holy cow. This. Show. Is. So. Good. Go watch it. right now. You can finish reading this blog post later. Go watch it right now. You have failed this city by not watching Arrow yet.

 10: Superheroes. Iron Man. Spider Man. Batman. Superman. Wolverine. Green Lantern. Thor. Captain America. Professor X. Flash.
I grew up watching Justice League. No I don't read comic books... but I love superheroes. I find them exciting.
Hehe. Just a plus.

Okay so there you have it. My ten obsessions. I promise you. I have a TON more... but I said ten. probably because if i didn't have a limit then this blog post would never ever ever ever end.
What are you obsessing about right now?

Music while writing this post? Light It Up by Scott and Brendo


  1. Basically I laughed while reading this entire thing! You just made my day... and you might have convinced me to watch a few of those shows you've been obsessing over!

  2. Bahahahah! Love that superhero round up image! I'm right behind you!!!

    just love