Saturday, September 3, 2011

How ridiculous.

I think i know one thing for sure. cowtown is DA BOMB! i got a sweatshirt (i know it is summer) for $15 dollars today. it's retail price is $50. no i am not going to put it on and take a picture of me wearing it because i am currently covered in chicken grease from cleaning ovens at work. (maybe later) you can get movies for five bucks and purses for ten. a pair of earrings from $1-$5 and and kind of Mexican food imaginable. who knew that a flea market could be so awesome? oh wait... i did. that is why i work in the center of it all.

I work in a soft pretzel and chicken stand in the first barn (in case you ever want to go to cowtown to see me) the pretzels are better then Auntie Anne's. (in my opinion.)

i think that the whole reason i am telling ya'll about where i work is because i just got home and have to stand in line for the showers.... be grateful for showers, because one day you might have to stand in line to get one...

as the website says, "Often Imitated, but Never Repeated."

we aren't just a rodeo. we are the most bangin' flea market in the history of flea markets. come see me, i work on Saturdays. =]


  1. oh Amber... how wonderful you are with words... makes me want to go to cowtown!

  2. we went to the brooklyn fleamarket in nyc during our vacation and i'm sorry to tell you amber, but it's cleaner and really gives cowtown a run for its money. haha but i guess cowtown wins because the brooklyn flea market doesn't have you working there ;]